When you need an expert for tuckpointing or repointing in Somerville, call the team at Prostyle Masonry and Restoration. A lot of people get confused on tuckpointing vs repointing. Tuckpointing is only the act of placing new mortar in cut out or defective mortar joints. Repointing encompasses the act of cutting out the defective mortar joints and replacing them with new mortar.

The most common cause of water getting inside of masonry work and creating damage is worn mortar joints. To prevent this from happening and to maintain the durability and water-resistant nature of masonry work, tuckpointing is required every so often.

What is tuckpointing exactly? In simplicity, when the mortar joint of a brick becomes damaged, new mortar is ‘tucked’ inside of the damaged mortar joint. Tuckpointing is necessary at some point on all brickwork, and includes the actual process of taking out the old impacted mortar and replacing it with new mortar. Sounds simple, but it’s an extensive process that takes learned skill, patience and attention to detail.

Does Your Masonry Need Tuckpointing in Somerville?

Any wear on your masonry structure is best caught early on before larger problems have a chance to develop. You should regularly check your masonry work for signs of abnormal defects.

A masonry surface likely needs tuckpointing if:

  • You notice a whitish substance on the face of the masonry.
  • You notice holes and gaps in the mortar.
  • You notice cracks in the mortar.

Normally the need for tuckpointing can be identified with your bare eyes. A special tool can also be used to lightly scrape at the bricks and identify cracking or decomposing mortar. If you have an older building, you might need to clean the masonry work with low to moderate water pressure first to reveal the true appearance of mortar joints.

How Often Does Masonry Work Need Tuckpointing?

How often your masonry mortar joints need to be repaired is going to depend on a number of factors, largely including the type of weather a structure is exposed to. All masonry work will need to have mortar joints repaired at some point, usually around every 20 years or so. Most commonly this is done to protect bricks from acquiring water damage, although mortar joints that have nearly deteriorated can be fixed by tuckpointing.

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