Local Brick Repair Services Somerville MA

We are brick and mortar repair experts for Somerville MA. Even the most beautiful brickwork is just so much rubble without a bed of mortar to seal and hold it together. So when mortar starts cracking, receding, and falling out of the joints, it’s time to chisel out the old stuff and trowel in the new, a process called repointing.

This is a simple job, but it has to be done with care, using the right tools and the right materials to avoid damaging the brick and permanently compromising the integrity and appearance of the wall. We specialize in crack repairs and replacing broken brick due to foundation settling, plumbing repair damage, and deterioration problems to your masonry walls. These repairs involve several important details to insure they are both professional looking and long lasting.

Trust our professional team of brick and mortar repair experts for Somerville MA to handle the job for you. Call us today! We also provide tuckpointing, chimney repairs and more in Somerville.

Why Choose Prostyle Masonry?

Over 20 years experience providing brick repair solutions, unbeatable prices and efficient customer service throughout Somerville MA

  • Brick repairs for long lasting results
  • Range of restoration options
  • No 3rd party contractors
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Each project is overseen directly to ensure it stays on budget

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