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We are long term established masonry contractors in Middlesex County, MA. Call ProStyle Masonry today for a free estimate on repairing or installing masonry walls, masonry steps and stoops at your home in Middlesex County.

We provide a range of masonry services that include masonry repairs, masonry brick pointing, chimney repairs, decorative brick work and more. We provide a range of masonry features like stone faced grills, stone fire pits, custom tailored stone walls and more.

masonry restorationMasonry Repairs

Replacing bricks and stones in masonry structures can be a challenging dilemma, without the right masonry contractor in Middlesex County, MA. We have the resources to locate or recreate the bricks or stones that you will need to seamlessly replace your damaged or broken masonry units to make your building complete.

Masonry Repairs

Chimney Building and Repair

ProStyle Masonry specializes in building and repairing chimneys. So, if you are building a new home or renovating your house and would like to incorporate a fireplace into the design, let us know. And, if you have a chimney that is beginning to show signs of distress, give us a call immediately.

  • Brick and stone chimneys weigh between 6 to 7 tons, so their construction must be carefully planned and performed, from the foundation in the basement to the mortar crown on the chimney top.
  • Distressed chimneys need immediate attention, because if any of the masonry units have loosened, they can be responsible for devastating personal injuries and property damages.

Retaining Wall Construction and Repair Masonry Stone

Residential retaining walls are meant to prevent the erosion or collapse of banks of soil that abut or support residential properties. The size and type of retaining wall that you will need will always be dependent upon the mass of the soil that needs to be retained.

Retaining walls can be integrated into your landscaping design and can even be constructed with built-in benches and fountains. Terraced walls can also be built, if you are working with a steep gradient.

Terraced designs allow you to make the most of every usable square foot of your property, and they are ideal for patios and gardens.

  • Smaller, gravity-style retaining walls are relatively simple to construct, because they are typically only between 3 to 4 feet tall. Larger cantilever and anchored walls, however, often require the participation of an engineer, because of the loads that these barriers will be expected to retain.

Stucco Repair

If your home has shifted or settled and you’ve noticed some cracks or holes in your stucco, give us a call. Our team at ProStyle Masonry has the knowledge and experience to restore your stucco surfaces, from filling in the gaps to precisely matching the texture of your existing stucco.

Our Masonry Services:

  • New Walls
  • Retaining Walls
  • Masonry Repairs
  • Stoops
  • Steps
  • Stucco
  • Concrete Flooring
  • Brick Pointing

What We Offer As Masonry Contractors

  • All Work Guaranteed
  • Reputable and Reliable
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Very Competitive Pricing
  • No 3rd Party Contractors Used
  • Family Run Company

Interested in having a free consultation over your masonry needs? If you need a masonry contractor that can build retaining walls, decorative walling, steps, masonry repairs and masonry pointing, call us now. We are open 7 days a week for free estimates. We would be delighted to discuss any ideas you have.

Call us today to discuss your project, our team is trained to handle every inquiry professionally and friendly. We provide same day estimates and all our estimations are itemised and detail the exact work that will be carried out. No hidden prices or charges. No upfront payments. All work backed by a long term guarantee.


Unbeatable masonry services. Call our team today to get an estimate on having masonry work at your home including masonry repairs, retaining walls, decorative walling and more.


If you are looking to have a new wall built, create an outdoor garden kitchen, build raised flower beds or you need repairs carried out to your masonry walling, ProStyle Masonry can handle it for you

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